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Transformational Success Stories

If you really want to learn about the clarity, comfort and grace I can bring into your life--talk to my clients. Over the years many of them have come forward to share the experience they've had with me. Here are their stories in their own words.

"Phenomenal. Colleen Andraste is "a clear channel" of guidance and messages from Spirit. Her clarity and spiritual healing gifts truly are "out of this world".

Take notes. Make a recording. Because in reviewing your session later - what

Colleen said may sound even more accurate. Mind blowing. Colleen is brilliant.

She delivers messages exactly in the way I need to hear them to appreciate them...appreciate with affection. And with the understanding that what Colleen picks up on is right on target for what I most need to hear. I've had 4 sessions with her in the past couple of years, so now I know better - listen with openness if Colleen says something you don't quite get yet - you might find it to be the most important aspect of your reading, a year or so from now. Colleen raises your gifts skyward into the sparkling Light, reflecting your inner grace to help you own it. 

                                                                            -V.C. 3/13/16

"Colleen is a wonderful person who will help you find what you are seeking.

Your journey may prove to be interesting and unexpected to say the least,

so what you want...may not necessarily be what you need. What you should understand is that Colleen's ego doesn't get in the way of a reading, and her positive attitude really puts her ahead of anyone else in this area of expertise. Have fun with the reading, let Colleen relay the message, and keep an open mind. You won't regret it.


The combination of Colleen's energy work and her psychic ability is truly amazing. To step into my power required self-understanding and healing.

Colleen used a unique combination of massage, energy work, crystals, and essential oils. She intuitively was able to get to the core issues. Through the divine guidance that Colleen receives, I was given the opportunity to experience a profound shift in my life, which led to a deep and powerful healing. The sessions I spent with Colleen have had a powerful impact on my life, what I received was more than a healing. Thank you Colleen for sharing your gifts with me!


Colleen Andraste is incredibly gifted and talented. Her insights into my future, and her ability to connect with my guides provide me with a comfort that enables me to move forward with an abundance of energy and confidence in all areas of my life.

-Casey D. Copywriter, Author and Speaker